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Design & Specification

Gone are the days of turning up to a project and installing any heating system that the merchant has on special offer. Heating systems such as Heat Pumps are now required to be accurately sized in order to operate efficiently. Sizing a heating system involves careful consideration of a number of factors like fabric of the building, air exchange rates, mean temperatures internal and external, insulation levels etc.

Thermal Earth can provide a full design and specification service which will accurately determine the heat load of the building. The design doesn’t stop there which is why Thermal Earth offer the following for Heat Pumps and Underfloor heating:

  • Full heatload of property to determine the size of the heat pump
  • Design of ground collector for both horizontal and vertical systems
  • Specification of all components required to complete the installation
  • Design of heating system and schematic showing arrangement of components
  • Design of underfloor heating complete with spacing requirements, flow rates and temperatures


  • Full heatload of property to determine which boiler size is installed
  • Design and specification of flue to achieve the required pressure for optimal boiler operation
  • Boiler room layout and schematic of system