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Thermal Response Tests (TRT)

A thermal response test measures the thermal conductivity of the ground at a specific location.

By carrying out a TRT we are able to accrately predict the performance of the ground in the location where the GSHP is to be installed. Thermal Earth own a bespoke TRT rig which we can fit to a borehole and run the test for a period of up to 4 days. Typically, on larger systems we are able to offer this service on the first completed borehole to analyse the performance of the ground. Following the results, the final design on the amount vertical ground collector can be confirmed. This can sometimes result in a reduction in the amount of boreholes required and saving initial installation costs.
Please note that the hole used for the thermal response test can be incorporated into the final borefield for the heat pump installation so if the first borehole is tested the design can be confirmed relatively quickly.


For our trade customers we are able to provide a hire service for the TRT unit. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.